Window & Door Replacements

Window Replacement

Step 1  Investigation

Investigate window and door issues to identify problems.


Fix the issues if possible for functioning doors/windows.


Replace window/door with a suitable replacement.


Windows and doors are part of the building envelope. It is important for them to tie in properly to the rest of the components. The useful life of a window or door depends on the material used and the attention and care that is given throughout their life. Well maintained windows and doors can often surpass the prescribed useful lifespan determined by the manufacturers. Poorly maintained windows are more likely to fail. Failure can also happen as a result of external factors. It is sometimes possible to repair a window, but there are cases where replacement is the only option or the more economical option. Window failures can lead to heat loss and water penetration.


Window and door replacements should be planned and budgeted for as part of a building’s financial plan. We work with building owners and managers to develop a replacement schedule that makes sense for the property. In cases of window failure we will investigate the issue and repair the window if possible. If a replacement is required we will provide recommendations that will match the quality and style currently in place.


In some cases window failure leads to water damage and wood rot in the framing components. In these cases we will provide details to the owners or manager and repair the damage prior to installing a new window. Attention to detail is important when installing windows and doors. They must tie-in to the envelope system without any defects. We will make sure that the windows work well with the building envelope and maintain the same visual appeal.