Concrete Repairs & Restoration

Concrete Repairs and Restoration

Step 1  Investigation

Identify underlying conditions causing damage to the concrete.


We fix the underlying issues and prepare the area for proper application.


Repaired or restored concrete will look clean and fresh.


Buildings settle over time and components expand and contract throughout the seasons. There is always some movement. Exposure to the elements also adds to the wear and tear on concrete building components. Cracking and spalling are common concrete failures. Failure can also occur in cases of improper concrete applications. In some cases concrete failure presents structural issues and safety concerns. After the initial failure the damage will continue to spread.


Concrete repair involves careful preparation of the damaged area for it to receive and bond with new concrete. There are different concrete products for different applications. We work with structural engineers and building envelope specialists to know what product will best suit your needs. Once the area is properly prepared, forms are put in place for the new concrete. When making structural repairs, temporary supports are always put in place.


With each restoration project we focus on eliminating the underlying conditions that caused the damage. This may involve additional steps or treatments to produce an adequate solution. Once the concrete is restored it will be safe, clean, and tie-in to the building properly.