Roofing System Repairs & Restoration

Roofing Repairs

Step 1  Investigation

Investigate roof leaks and performs tests to determine the source.


We fix the underlying issues and perform tests so they wont happen again.


Tie-in roofing system into building envelope and other systems.


Roofs are a critical component of a building envelope, but they are often dealt with separately. There are multiple roofing systems that have become prevalent in Calgary building construction over the years. Some systems have evolved over time and some have stayed the same. An understanding of each system and how it interacts with other elements of the building envelope is important when performing repairs or restoration. Roofing details around vents and other features are often weak points due to poor installation practices.


Roofs are often one of the least visited places in a building. Issues are often first noticed when water has already penetrated the roof causing damage to the ceiling below. Proactive inspections and testing can help prevent this from happening. In instances of water leaks from the roof we will investigate the damage and identify the water entry point. Solutions will be provided based on the specific system used by the building. Attention to the details is the key to ensuring that the same problem does not occur.


It is important for the roof to tie-in to the building envelope and water management systems. Repairs should be tested with water to ensure that there are no defects and periodic inspections will help prevent external factors from interfering with the roof system. Every system has its own prescribed useful lifespan. We work with building owners and managers to track the state of the roof and plan for replacement. We will present multiple options to find the one that works best for your building.