Water Management & Drainage System Repairs

Step 1  Investigation

We look at the roof, gutters, downspouts and drainage system for any defects.


We repair the defects and perform water tests to ensure it will not happen again.


We repair any water damage and make the building look as good as new.


Calgary has unique weather patters that are known to come on strong and then change within a few minutes. Every year there are a few instances of heavy rainfall that will exploit the defects in a building’s water management and drainage system, potentially causing water damage to the interior. These systems are made up of many parts, which will vary based on the building type and style of construction. Roofing details, drainage points, eaves-troughs or gutters, flashing and downspouts all work together to direct water away from the building. Failures could lead to staining, pooling, flooding, ice buildup, and water penetration to the interior. Even small defects can cause major damage over time.


Because water damage is a serious issue, water management systems should be inspected and reviewed periodically. History and building science research show us where systems are most likely to fail. A visual inspection by an expert can identify failure or weak spots within the system. Water testing in a controlled environment will provide further information on how each component interacts with each other and the natural behavior of the water. Proactive maintenance involves identifying and repairing defects on an on-going basis. There are some cases where the existing system is inadequate to manage the volume of water that comes from heavy rainfall or snow-melt. Redesigning the water management system will reduce the strain from additional water and prolong the life of a building. We will provide an efficient solution that keeps the water out of the building and directs it to a convenient location with no pooling or flooding.


It is often easy to see where water is being mismanaged. The effects are compounded over time and could lead to staining as well as damage to the building envelope and building structure. Resolving the water management issues will always precede the restoration of any affected areas so that the issues are not repeated. With a proper system in place we will restore any damaged areas and remove any signs that there was ever an issue. Owners and residents can be proud of their building with full confidence that their water management system is working without issue.