Painting & Industrial Coatings

Painting and Industrial Coatings

Step 1  Investigation

Periodic inspections with quotes for touch-ups or repairs.


We fix the underlying issues and provide long-lasting solutions.


Proper preparation and quality products ensure a remarkable job.


Commercial and residential buildings are subject to regular wear and tear through normal usage. The wear and tear is amplified with move-ins or move-outs, in-suite construction, pets, bikes, visitors and a number of other activities that could potentially take place. The painted surfaces are often where we see much of this damage. Scraped and scuffed walls can be visually unappealing and detract from the quality of building experience residents and guests receive. Interior and exterior painting are often budgeted periodically through a building’s operating or reserve funds. There are many painters in Calgary, but a quality, long-lasting paint job is less common.


Knowing the weak points in a painted area can help determine a solution that withstands more wear and tear. We work with building owners and managers to develop solutions that prolong the life of the painted areas. This may  involve some additional measures to combat repeated abuse. Using the right product for each job is critical for a successful application. Proper preparation and quality products will also do a lot to help.


Repainting often requires coordination and communication with building residents to redirect traffic and gain access to all required areas. We focus on providing accurate and timely information to keep the job progressing. We can match existing colours or provide a free colour consultation for something new. We want owners and residents to be proud of the final look.