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Call For Emergencies

In An Emergency:

Do Not Panic

Take a deep breath. We  can get through this. If there is a fire or any life-threatening conditions call 911 (or have someone else call) immediately. The first priority is always the safety of the residents. Pull the fire alarm or notify residents of the danger and evacuate the building. If there are no life-safety concerns go directly to step 2.

Call Us

As soon as we are notified we will dispatch a technician and begin coordinating emergency repair work. We will be on site until the emergency is stabilized. All of the damage will be tracked and documented for the building managers and insurance company if needed. Once the building is in stable condition we will work with owners, managers or insurance adjusters to have it restored to pre-loss condition.

Contact Building Manager

Contact your building manager and provide us with their contact information. We will communicate with them throughout the process and they will communicate to residents as needed. Your building manager will work with the decision makers and contact the building insurers if required.