Re-Cladding Stucco, Siding & Stone Tile

recladding stucco siding stone tile

Step 1  Investigation

Identify weak or failing areas in the cladding and investigate conditions.


Remove trouble areas and provide new, properly installed cladding.


Provide solutions to match existing elements for a seamless look.


Cladding systems are part of the building envelope and are meant to protect the underlying structure.  They serve primarily to withstand weather events while also serving an important role in the design and visual appeal of a building. Each cladding system has its own useful life-span. We work with engineers and building envelope specialists to help determine the state of your building and how much life is left in your cladding. In Calgary we know that we get the worst weather from the west. That means that the west elevation of a building usually wears-down faster than the others. Localized repairs are sometimes necessary and full replacement is generally planned for with a Reserve Fund Study or similar financial planning tool.


Planning for and allocating funds for repair and replacement will help ensure you are in a position to have the work done when the time is right. We work with building owners and managers by helping determine a scope of work and providing estimates based on the preferred execution strategy. Certain cladding types require warm temperatures which is another factor for planning the project. There is sometimes structural damage behind weak or failing cladding which will require attention prior to the new cladding being installed. In these cases we will provide a prompt and detailed report outlining the issues and the proposed solution.


Aged buildings generally have cladding materials that are no-longer in production. The weather and sunlight will also alter the appearance of the materials over time. For these reasons matching existing cladding can sometimes be challenging. We will work with you to provide solutions that will match the existing elements and maintain the aesthetic appeal. All of our work is done by skilled tradesmen and follows the Alberta Building Code. We ensure that the cladding system ties-in to the building envelope system and that each interacting element is given proper attention.