Building Envelope Repairs

Building Envelope Repairs

Step 1  Investigation

We work with building envelope specialists to inspect each component.


Cost-effective solutions that you can rely on to solve the issue.


Restoring the building to it’s original look or upgrading to something new and fresh.


Building envelopes are a combination of systems within a building that work together to protect the building from external factors, while maintaining the desired internal conditions. Roofs, cladding (stucco, brick, wood siding, vinyl siding, exterior tile, etc…), windows and doors are all major components of a building envelope. In Calgary, the main goal is to keep the building interior warm and dry. If any component fails there is risk of heat loss or water damage to the actual building structure. Each component needs to “tie-in” to the other components to function as a singular system. The tie-in points are sometimes where we find flaws or penetration points. There are numerous causes for building envelope issues including (but not limited to) hail, woodpeckers, product failure, improper installation, physical damage, improper water management, and so forth.


A Building Envelope Conditions Assessment (BECA) is a thorough review of the building envelope performed by an Engineer or Building Envelope Specialist. We work with Building Envelope Specialists to review and assess each component. We can also investigate and test specific areas where there are suspected issues. Any issues requiring immediate attention will be communicated and temporary safety or waterproofing measures will be implemented if needed. With a BECA or investigation report we will review options with building owners or management and formulate a plan that makes the most sense for the building.


We aim to provide cost-effective solutions that are minimally invasive for building residents. Large-scale projects can potentially span several months from start to finish and may require special consideration from residents. A focus on communication will help the project progress as quickly as possible and help residents know what is required of them. Building envelope repairs will sometimes uncover hidden structural damage that may require attention. In these cases we will contact building management and provide a detailed explanation of what is required. In the end we want to make the experience as positive as possible for building owners and residents and give them a final product that they can be proud of.