Mould & Asbestos Remediation

Mould and Asbestos Remediation

Step 1  Investigation

Inspect for asbestos or mould growth with specialized equipment.


Set up a contained environment and remove bio-hazardous materials.


Install new materials and restore area to intended condition.


Asbestos is present in certain construction materials. It is made up of small fibres that can easily be inhaled and cause health concerns including damage to the lungs. Working with asbestos requires special equipment in a controlled environment to eliminate any risk of human exposure. The presence of asbestos in a building is not always known. Identifying it requires inspection and submission of suspected materials to a laboratory for further analysis.

Mould is a fungus made up of small spores that can become airborne.  There are various health concerns that arise from prolonged exposure to mould or exposure to large quantities. Mould grows in dark and moist areas which can arise from water leaks or penetration through the building envelope. Mould can not always be seen, but can be detected with specialized equipment. Unacceptable amounts of mould require prompt action including identifying the source and removing all contaminated material in a controlled environment.


Detection is the first step towards remediation. If either mould or asbestos are suspected do not wait to have an inspection. If either is found during any construction or restoration in the building, then a controlled environment will be set up to eliminate the risk of exposure to residents. The controlled environment includes cordoning the area with plastic sheets and restricting access. Only individuals with bio-hazard protection should have access until the contaminated materials are completely removed. Air quality testing can provide assurance that the environment is again safe.


Material with asbestos will be replaced and the conditions leading to mould growth will be eliminated. Complete restoration includes restoring each system affected. In cases where the building structure or building envelope have been disturbed, those systems will be fully restored prior to interior and exterior finishes being installed. We will restore the building to its original state and ensure that there are no remaining health concerns.