Structural Repairs & Rebuilds

structural repairs and rebuilds

Step 1  Investigation

Work with engineers to determine the extent of damage.


Remove damaged materials and install temporary support if necessary.


Make final repairs and restore exterior and interior to their original condition.


The building structure supports and balances the weight of the building. Water penetration and wood rot is a common threat to wood framed buildings. As the wood biodegrades it loses its integrity. A failing structure can result in sinking or collapsing in certain areas or throughout the building. Large-scale structural failures present dangerous conditions for residents. With the help of structural engineers, temporary supports can be put into place while the extent of the problem is investigated and alternative solutions are being considered.


The well-being of residents is a primary concern for us. We will put temporary support and safety measures in place as needed. We work with structural engineers to asses damages and design solutions that are structurally sound. Structural repairs are done carefully and systematically to maintain as much of the existing structure as possible. These repairs often require removal of exterior and/or interior walls to gain full access to the structural components.


Once all structural issues are repaired the exterior sheeting and interior walls can be finished. With all of our restoration work we focus on bringing your building back to its original condition and appearance. We work with building owners and managers to develop solutions that are affordable and minimally invasive for residents. A focus on communication helps the project progress quickly.