Foundation Repairs

Foundation Repairs

Step 1  Investigation

Identify what is causing the problem and how widespread  the problem is.


We fix the underlying issues and perform tests so they wont happen again.


We make the building look as good as it did before the foundation damage occurred.


Concrete foundations support the building structure and protect the below-grade interior spaces from water and other elements. Damages to the foundation can let in water and lead to structural issues. As with other concrete damage, foundation damage can worsen if it is not repaired. The first step of understanding the damage is identifying the cause. It is also important to know the full extent of the damage. This may involve digging around the foundation wall and removing some interior finishes.


The main goal is to keep the foundation water-tight without jeopardizing the structural integrity. There are many products and solutions available for foundation cracks including traditional mortar, polyurethane products, epoxy injections, and more. We work with building envelope specialists and engineers to identify which product will work best for different kinds of damage. Each solution will require the cracked area to be properly prepared and cleaned before the product is applied. We will make sure it is done right and test the area if necessary.


Proper preparation and cleaning will ensure that the repair product will bond with the concrete and seal the crack. In extreme cases the concrete may need to be removed, re-formed and re-poured. This will also require preparation of the surrounding areas. Any repair will leave a scar within the concrete. We can use finishing products to cover the area and maintain a consistent look throughout the building.