Landscaping Construction

Landscaping Construction

Step 1  Investigation

Inspect landscaping for building system interference and recommend solutions.


Solutions to facilitate water management and integrate with building systems.


Restoring distressed landscapes to stand out for a stunning visual appeal.


Landscapes not only support the visual components of a property, they also integrate with building systems including water management and drainage. Improper design or installation of landscaping components can distress the building and promote water penetration and decomposition of building components. Landscapes require constant attention to maintain their visual appeal. Regular maintenance and cleaning can preserve landscape components and maximize their lifespan.


Certain building components will begin to degrade if they are below-grade, causing damage to the building envelope and structure. Managing the grade and slope of the landscape can save a building from costly repairs. Building draining systems can integrate with the landscape to provide water to trees, plants and grass. Irrigation systems can be installed to facilitate watering and provide full coverage. Landscaping will always require maintenance, but proper design can facilitate maintenance and prolong the life of landscape components.


Poor or distressed landscapes can reduce the quality of living in a building or community. Attractive landscapes provide value and support the overall building design. Landscaping work is done with care to ensure that there is no building interference. We work with building owners and managers to determine how residents use the building and design landscapes that support proper usage. We want owners and residents to be proud of their landscaping.