Water Damage Repairs

Calgary Water Damage Repairs

Step 1  Investigation

We address any safety concerns and identify the source of the water.


We fix the underlying issues and perform tests so they wont happen again.


We make the building look as good as it did before the water damage.


Water damage is very common in commercial and multi-family buildings and can happen for a number of reasons. Burst pipes, faulty appliances, backed-up drains, plumbing errors, and building envelope failures can expose internal building systems to water. The majority of interior construction materials, including drywall, are not designed for prolonged exposure to water. They will weaken and deteriorate over time. Wooden floors will warp, carpets will stain, and cabinets will lose their integrity. Wet materials create an ideal environment for mould which is hazardous to health. Wooden structural components will begin to biodegrade and lose their structural integrity.  This puts additional strain on the rest of the building and can pose a threat to the safety of building residents or tenants.


The first and most important step with any kind of damage is ensuring that building residents are safe and that the building structure is sound. This may involve temporary measures to provide immediate relief. Once the situation is stabilized we set out to identify the source of the damage. In some cases it is obvious, but sometimes a thorough investigation and testing is required. Throughout the process the water will be extracted from materials if possible and damaged materials will be removed. In cases of microbial growth, the area will be isolated and bio-hazardous protective measures will be implemented until the health risks are eliminated. Water damage often affects multiple systems and proper remediation will require an integrated solution. We want to solve the problem so that it never happens again. We will provide detailed reports outlining the issue and, if possible, different options for remediation.


The timeliness of the water damage restoration and the final appearance of the restored area will affect the quality of living or working in your building. The comfort of residents and tenants is important to us. We are committed to a high standard of communication to ensure that all stakeholders understand the process and are as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. We pay attention to every detail as we restore the building to it’s pre-loss condition. We want you to be proud of your building and pleased with the work that we do.